What do you really, REALLY want?

Just a blink of an eye and it’s now another new year! How fast time flies huh? It’s now been 8 years since I’ve left Malaysia and 4 since I’ve left Japan. It’s been a crazy roller coaster for me. I’ve moved on up the education later very well but it was never easy.

I’ve found that hard work is never enough. It’s got to be holistic – with a combination of luck, motivation and most importantly, you’ve got to really, REALLY want it! Yes, Richard Branson of the Virgin Group was blessed with luck and all that, but he really, REALLY wanted to make Virgin Records fly. And he really, REALLY wanted to kick BA’s ass. Look where he is at now. At the age we left high school, he was liaising with Sex Pistols and at my age now, he’s bought a private island! So, tell me, what do YOU really, REALLY want?


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