I know some people really hate polls and think they are really childish. But I quite like them as a source of interaction. Sometimes you can get really useful information too! Then I realised that here on W-rdpress, you don’t get to do polls. So what am I going to do? Well, I thought about it. I will post a question, and you will answer, via comment. I will then set a closing date and on the date I will manually count the frequency of answers and post them. I know, I know, it’s more work, but we can have a conversation going on. And also don’t forget the work is for me! It’ll be fun! So for my first poll:

How many entries should I have on the front page? (Currently 3)

A. 1         B. 2         C. 3         D. 5         E. 10

Closing date: Monday 11th February 2008


  1. M

    Yeah this poll thing don’t seem to be working half as well as I expected it to. Looks like it’s time to Scrap that idea and find something more doable.

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