Ann Summers is about nothing but glammed up, immoral, dirty, shameless sex

They undermine men by saying that all we’re ever interested in is sex, and particularly during Valentines’ Day. Apparently, we only want our partners to wear skimpy, uncomfortable lingerie that exposes most parts and leave nothing to the imagination. As if sex games and dirty thoughts are what dominate our minds.

What happened to the romance and the cuddling and the long talks and laying in bed or hours and not having an erotic activity happening?

Watch this ad and you will see what I mean.

The tag line is so dirty! GIVE HIM WOOD?! I reiterate; it’s dirty, it’s derogatory, it’s glammed up and shameless. The ad itself…stockings, silk, lace, peek-a-boos, high heels, pouting……………..Like I said, Ann Summers is about nothing but glammed up, immoral, dirty, shameless sex and that’s … HOT! AND THAT’S WHY I LOVE IT!

  1. Emma Kennedy

    Quite clearly you have never looked at a catalogue. Ann Summers sell a wide and varied range of goods everything from ,yes, crotchless knickers and bondage gear, to pyjamas, evening tops and comfortable, well fitting lingerie.
    The company is not designed to make women feel dominated by men and is not designed to make men look like perverts or sexual deviants. It’s about empowering both sexes and about making sex more fun, we cater for all tastes, shapes and sizes, prudish and not.
    Have a look at one of our catalogues, i think you will be pleasantly suprised…

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