To clarify, Harajuku girls…

…are not prostitutes. Why would Gwen Stefani, good ol’ Gwenny, sing about prostitutes?

Harajuku is a trendy, somewhat eccentric area in downtown Tokyo. It is sandwiched between several upmarket shopping areas, Aoyama and Daikan-yama. This is where you’d find Burberry Blue Label (exclusively for Japan only, of course), Juicy, Rock Rep, Miu x2, Dior, Tod’s, Marc Jacobs, McQueen, Lagerfeld – catch my drift? Tokyo DRIFT! Ahem…I digress.

Anyhow, it’s the hybrid of the young designer plus upmarket designer that has created the culture of Harajuku.


  1. since I started my blogs about hair, I have fallen in love with this style.

    too bad i’ too old for it!!

  2. M

    Oh c’mon, you’re never too old for hairstyles. Besides, it’ll make you younger. Go on, give it a try and show us some pics.

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