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I regularly visit several copywriting and general writing blogs. Commenting one of the entries, I thought I’d turn into an entry too, since I see it as being of some use to some of my friends as well as the general public.

Pretty much all of us use Microsoft Word, right? And probably lots of you depend on it completely, right? Many of you also know that despite the fact that it is not 100% reliable, you rely on it almost 100%, right?

Now, the problem with Word is that although it’s a very powerful tool, it’s not very smart. It’s like a contestant from the World’s Strongest Man – very handy when you need to do some power lifting, but when it comes to anything intelligent remotely related to lifting, they’re about as smart as a cactus.

The new Office has been launched. From my expert testing and benchmarking* I can conclude that it is faster, and stronger, somewhat prettier, but still as stupid. Here’s an example. We all use autocorrect, yes? So we know what it is. I typed (something along the lines of):

“They’re hairy monsters from the planet Zargos”

Word asked me if I actually meant “Their hairy monsters from planet Zargos?”

To clear my doubts, s a blogmate of mine told me, “their” and “they’re” are not interchangeable in the US. So then why are there so many people using it that way? I suspect they trusted Word too much.

Here’s a tip: if you have words that you use often but can never spell them properly, this is how you train yourself.

When you type it on Word and the dreaded red line comes up, do not right click! No matter how time pressed you are, don’t do it. On a sheet of paper (you know, those things that you use a pen *gasp* to write on?), try and spell the word out, spelling it out aloud, even! Then type it into Word. Repeat until you get the right spelling. Do this several times and you will remember it.

We are the last generation to have grown up with pen and paper. And be reverting back to our childhood learning techniques, we will better ourselves and rid ourselves of the need to rely on computers to “speak” on our behalf. God knows how the kids these days will learn. Their methods and probably even the way they think is different. They are the internet generation.

Having said that, I will from now on regularly write about tips on improving your learning style. I’ve got a few tips and tricks that I know you will benefit from. And I’m always on the lookout for new ones. So come back often and pretty soon you’ll find a whole section dedicated to learning

 10 Practical Tips for Writing in English


  1. whoaa..
    interesting learning tips..
    so we can use ms word to learn
    i still learn english know.
    i write this comment to you with my limited vocab.
    how do you think about my english?

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