Funny Signs #11. Don’t diss the East side

I know we Orientals are known to eat weird animals, but hey, so do the Aborigines, and the Borneo bushmen and the Yeti(s). But don’t mess with us too much, because – some of us – this is what we eat for breakfast:


And we have Jackie Chan, too! HAI-YA!

  1. sheriwetherell

    That’s funny!

  2. M

    Lots more where that came from ;)

  3. I saw your post in foodista. com and I was curious about mutant coconuts. hahaha! its macapuno balls! Im from the Philippines and the next time I eat “halo-halo”, I’ll make sure to ask if they have mutant coconut :)

  4. M

    Watch out for the genetic mutation!

  1. 1 Mutant eggs in my kitchen « The World Of M

    […] battery farm, chicken, eggs, food, free range, jamie oliver, organic, tesco Not really mutant eggs, but sort of. Remember when I was blasting Jamie “Goody-two-shoes-my-ass” Oliver? […]

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