Major overhaulage, major entry

Fellow dudes and dudettes, chavs and chavettes,

As some of you know, I am working not very quietly in the background planning a complete makeover of The World Of M and as you can see, some changes are already taking place. It’s a sneak preview, courtesy of Overworked*Underpaid M. The changes are highlighted below:


The blog entries category has been re-branded Daily Waffle from Daily whinge and waffle. Those who know the Daily bread will see the irony. No diss!

Ads cetera features all the ads and spoofs I’ve posted and will feature more cutting edge and classic adverts from around the world. My fave ad medium is print so we’ll see lots of that coming in. They’ll be praised to ends of the earth or torn apart like southern fried chicken 20-piece set after a rugby match.

No prize for correctly guessing where “My Recipes” have gone.

Funny Signs From Around The World has ingeniously been shortened.

g33k channel very much represents part of what I am inside: Glasses, bow tie, pocket protector, checkered shirt, khakis, inhuman superbrain genius extraordinaire!

There’s a category that lists entries talking about things that make you go “WHAT THE ****?!”. Can you find it? I’ll throw in a free subscription if you can correctly identify which is it. Just type it in the comment box.

A handful more categories are being put on hold as the mo’ as their entries are still in sleep mode. As soon as I jazz them up, They’ll be up and ready. You’ll notice them as they’ll sport a bright orange “NEW” label on them, a new regular feature. So everytime I’ve added something new apart from the main blog, you’ll see an orange label stuck in like a 70% off sale in a ghetto poundsaver (or dollar) store!


New buttons have been added for the links – they go to photos, charities, About etc. Several more will be added and all of them will move to the right hand side of the page.


I know, I know – lots of you have had problems with broken links in the photo albums and inconsistency with flickr and Picasa and all that. I really do apologise. It wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to maintain a blog. But I have corrected them! How? By purchasing a PRO account on flickr! All for you, my friends. So from now on, you won’t (ahem – shouldn’t) have any more problems with them.


We now have a big bright Feed image. This will link you to the subscription page, where you do subscribe, digg, Stumble, get my email address, facebook me and bookmark me in all the positions you can dream of.

Weather ticker:

Unfortunately, the weather widget didn’t really fit in with the new theme, so it’s going to be obliberated. It’s a shame because I really liked it. Here in England, we talk about the weather more than our mothers. The widget here was like a little old dog, sitting there looking useless but has an unspoken purpose. Now I’ve got to shoot it because I’m moving to a nicer house and I can’t afford to have it messing sh*t up!


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