Americans bring their lunchboxes to Beijing Olympics


Since we were on the subject of eating weird animals and alien plants, here’s something I’ve just picked up on. Apparently, the US government has asked their Olympics delegation to prepare and bring their own food supplied to the Beijing Olympics. How incredibly ridiculous is that? How badly do they think that Chinese government wants to win that they have to poison the competing athletes to get ahead. Chinese athletes can win most events eye closed!

This strikes me as odd; if they didn’t want to be there, don’t vote for them in the first place. They were given a chance, during the meeting, to vote for where they thought the Games should be held. Did they choose another country? No! Did the Chinese government force them to pick Beijing? No! So they did vote for it willingly? Yes. THEN STOP COMPLAINING! If they didn’t want to be there then they shouldn’t have voted for them.

By the way, is mommy gonna put a little toy in their lunchboxes?


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