Fatcats and piss and sweat

Don’t you hate hypocrisy? I do. What’s more is large companies’ hypocrisy. When they have buttloads of money because they keep raising prices just because they know you have to pay. Companies like power companies and rail companies.


For those who live in the UK will know this, especially those who live in London and the Southwest. They keep increasing their prices and giving us dumbass reasons which that expect us to be gullible and take, all the while their service goes form poor to utter crap! The two most ridiculous reasons for delay that I’ve heard are:

1. Severe weather – the slap in the face was that it was only starting to drizzle, and they call that SEVERE weather? This is bloody England, you’ve had rain pissing down on you since the bloody beginning of time, you should have bloody known make trains and tracks that can bloody run when its bloody drizzling.

2. Leaves on the track. Honestly, I heard this announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that the (time) train to London Waterloo has been delayed due to leaves on the track.” Well, really? Did the leaf hurt you, you big ol’ train? Did it scratch my poor steel body? Get bent!

I bet you another price hike is coming because of TomTom’s. Apparently , they’re blaming satnavs for giving “wrong directions” and leading them to destroy bridges and tracks, costing them £15m. This despite the fact that their profits were something like a two billion last year.

This is what they had to say:

“Bridge strikes are very disruptive because each time we have to send a structural engineer out to check the structure and repair any damage caused”

I say:

“Your god damn delays are disruptive, the pay strikes when you don’t treat your staff right are disruptive. YOU are disruptive.

These days I’d rather endure the traffic jams in the city than give my money to these people who provide poor service anyway.

Anyway, if you’re feeling as hot (not the sexy kind) as I am now, then check this video out, it’ll all be alright.


  1. Grace

    I definitely clicked play with the volume still on, in the library; got some weird looks. Proceeded to plug in my headphones, and laugh really hard;got some more weird looks.
    What can you do? haha.
    I’ve never been on an underground train, as we don’t have them where I live, but I can imagine the issues it could cause, having been a bus rider more than a time or two.

  2. M

    i know exactly how that feels like. first time i heard it my sides split like a ripe kiwi fruit squashed by a grapefruit (!?).

    All future vids w/ profanities and/or bad singing shall come with a rating> 15, 18, not in the office, not with the boy/girlfriend etc

    On the buses here we have a new a problem, which I imagine is the same in most places: teenagers playing their stupid music aloud using the speakers on their phones. Drives me insane. Once there were TWO trying to out do each other. In the end, the passengers won, ’cause we kicked them out. Yay us.

  3. Grace

    Very yay for you!
    I always laugh at the people who listen to music (with their headphones), and start singing along without noticing.
    I haven’t come across people playing it out loud through speakers yet, though some people play it loud enough through their headphones that you can make out the words clearly.
    Sometimes I worry about the hearing of this generation…

  4. M

    There have been times when I’m walking along London Thames on a beautiful day and the air is crisp and I start singing aloud to the music I’m listening to. I get stares, but the greatest thing is usually you get people smiling and singing along, which is so nice. Shame I’m not a 365nut, everyday would a perfect day.

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