Things we take for granted #2: Space

bookstairs.jpgDespite the fact that I am on my laptop almost 24/7, I still love books. As a child I had sets and sets of encyclopedias, most of them from Disney, but still – knowledge is knowledge. They used to be stacked neatly from A-Z on 3- or 4- level shelves. From there, my obsession with arranging things started. Even now, I categorise my books (or stack upon stack of paper) and they’re usually alphabetical in order. But the most annoying thing is living within London area, you don’t have that much space. Indeed, living in Tokyo, I have less space there. Thus with the lack of space, sometimes you have nowhere to “display” your books and you’re forced to keep some and you never know which ones to keep and which ones to display. And the shelves take up so much space and bla bla bla. But one guy figured the best of solving this, and I love it. It’s so simple and yet so easily overlooked. And it’s the best use of space I’ve seen so far.

There so now I’ve let out another secret obsession of mine. My birthday’s next week by the way ;)

Thanks for the pic, boing boing.

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  1. Andrea

    I’ve resorted to having most of my books arranged in different bookcases around the house – cook books somewhere in the kitchen where they’re safe from smells and such, fiction and ‘les belles-lettres’ as the French call them are in the lounge along with the ones about music while my work ones are naturally above my work desk :D

    But I always love looking for new ways of arranging them, like sorting them according to the cover colour :D

  2. M

    Arranging books somehow gives me this rather odd – but nice – satisfaction.

    My friends will call this Ident-Goth-more syndrome:
    The “I-DEsperately-Need-To-Get-Outta-The-House-more” syndrome

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