Shit like that makes me lose faith in humans. And warthogs.

_44425824_grahamcalvert2031.jpgWarthog gambles.

Warthog bankrupts.

Warthog sues bookie.

This 28 year old man pig man is a greyhound trainer. It’s ironic that a pig trains greyhounds. This guy loves gambling so he gambles away his fortune of £2m and bankrupts. He then sues the bookie for taking his bets (go sue Coke for selling you coke and see what happens). And says he has lost his wife, health and livelihood. Oh, I’m sorry, but if you look like that I a) can’t see how you would have been healthy in the first place and b)can’t see how lively you would’ve been if you spent all your bloody waking hours in the betting shop. How many hours did you have to spend to lose £2m? Or how stupid would you have been to put in bets worth £100k if you had only £2m? Answer: VERY!

His lawyer, is defending him on grounds that he has a “medical disorder” known as “problem gambling” and that he should have been protected by the bookie. For ****’s sakes! This to me seems more like an intellect disorder rather than a medical disorder. You don’t see drugs that cure gambling, do you? And surely she could’ve come up with a better name than “problem gambling”. The problem was gambling, you dimwit, and that is a gambling problem. And how about the protection then? It’s a freaking bookie, not a charity!

As if things wasn’t unbelievably disproportionately stupid enough in this circus, the court ruled that this pig man is allowed to ask for more compensation! If I was the judge, I’d have told him he deserved it, **** off and jump from the highest building he can find, which, from where he hails, is probably a barn. His barn. Then I’d have fined the lawyer for wasting my time and put her in jail for insulting my intelligence. I’d have then shot myself to rid myself of the state of this country.

How can anyone in their right mind allow a compulsive gambler to sue the bookie for doing what they’re supposed to do in the first place: run a business. On top of that, the gets more money than he lost? That just pisses me off.

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