These boots are made for stealing

51bf.jpgLast week a man from the Japanese city of Fukuoka (that Foo-coo-oh-ka, folks) was caught stealing this woman’s boots from a dressing room of a sports club, which are usually left outside the lockers as they are too big to fit inside.

CCTV recordings confirm that this guy had been lurking around the entrance and lobby quite often.

After arresting him, the police went to the bootnapper’s car to discover even more boots – he had stolen 42 pairs in the span of 4 years. He was quoted as saying “I get excited by smelling women’s boots and imagining what the owner is like.”

Messed. He sneaks into a dressing room, where it’s wet, there’s heat and steam, naked women walking around or in their underwear and he gets excited by smelling the boots? Maybe the boy lived in a farm as a kid and the closest thing he got to porn was “Farming Boots Monthly”.


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