Man steals poster of idol from police, uses telephone

tabemikako.jpgWe Japanese sure are a weird bunch. we do the weirdest things in the world and then invent ways to make them even weirder.

Last week, I posted an entry about this guy who stole women’s boots from health club lockers and this week an old guy steals from the police.

A man, apparently drunk, walks into a koban – a police box (a smaller form of police stations where 3 or 4 officers police several streets) in the middle of the night, sees a tax campaign poster of an actress (pictured left) and proceeds to smash the glass to steal it.

He then picks up the phone in the koban and calls the police, asking “where are you? why isn’t anyone here”. He leaves scott-free, until he calls them again at the train station, where he was arrested.

The police found that the officer in the koban was sleeping in the back, and that the man was mad.

Thanks to mychemicalimbalance for the image

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