The MacBook Carbon unveiled!

Whilst we’re all still cooing over the MacBook Air, waiting to get a piece of the action, here’s more new mods, odds and sods.

Apparently the MBA just ain’t light and mobile enough for guys at Make. And they also thought the MacBook Helium wasn’t powerful enough, so they’ve come up with a great way to re-revolutionise your MBA. All hail the MBC – that’s MacBook Carbon.


Also see: Nintendo Air/MacBook DS

Thanks, John and Phillip

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  1. Wow! a MacBook Carbon? This is something new for me. I like the idea…thanks for sharing.

  1. 1 Whole lotta carbonated goodies! « The World Of M

    […] briefcase, hermes, macbook carbon After it was unveiled several days ago that you can get a MacBook Carbon, you can now have a really, stylish carbon carrier to go with it to show that you really mean […]

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