Mario quilt 1-2 + retrocool game theme stuff

images.jpgI really envy these people with so much time on their hands. Not long after I’d spoken of the Mario table, I come across this: A Mario Quilt! How cool. Can’t say I approve of the TV cabinet though. By now, I’m pretty convinced that someone else knitted a Mario sofa cover, a Mario steering wheel, a Mario mouse, a Mario toilet seat and then some. Rather than searching for them (I have a life?) I shall wait and see if I come across them in the near future. You’ll find out when I do.


I’ve only just noticed that I had left this as a draft and never got to post it. Rather than make you wait for it, I’m going to just post them all right now so you can enjoy all things Mario.


Photos “on loan” from bishmasterb

Yep, this is a Mario cookie. Someone has actually bothered to go through the trouble of making a pixel-perfect Mario – although the nose seems a tad bit big. Maybe he was sniffing them mushrooms too closely.

Thanks to technabob

We not only Mario things for the room, a bar in a technology university in Denmark decided to elate the geeks by having a Mario Party.



What a super smashing night it would have been!

And what is retrocool without the uber classic Space Invaders!

Or a Space Invaders chopping board.


Beware what you chop on that board though, it might be the alien’s favourite food.

Thanks to captn-sideburns and cory

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  1. Ed

    All Mario and no Luigi !!

  2. M

    get on with the presentation ed

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