Despite how busy we say we are in the office, there are always going to be the odd 5 minutes when there’s either absolutely nothing to do or when we’re waiting to transition into the next task. Chances are, we’re just venting out frustration because we’re bored of the job or stressed from the task. Have no fear, TWOM is here to rescue you.

newtonian_demonstratorsumm.jpgGone are the days when you have to put a cheesy little thing like the Newtonian demonstrator (pictured) or something equally silly – and soooo yesterday. just to fill those little annoying pockets of time. Gone are the days when you have to turn to a cigarette (or something stronger) to get rid of the frustration. From missiles to nostalgic games to plain old silly, here are the top 10 toys you can have in the office. All you need to do is plug them into your USB.



282-dl-10.jpgPlus this fella into your USB, play some music and it’ll start boogie-ing like it’s 1969. That’s because it did come from 1969. Chances are you’ll start getting bored of it before you laughed your tin-can bum off. Then again, it sure beats having one of them desk helper robots that just stand there and do absolutely nothing.



Unlike previous version, this new USBquarium comes with its little software (pictured middle), and fish require feeding, lack of which will kill the fish (pictured right). USB powered aquatic Tamagotchi, anyone?



No, this is not a joke, it really does show your typing speed. Secretaries and assistants can impress the boss by putting a piece of half-chewed gum behind the needle so that it shows 150 words per minute. Though really typing at that speed would scrub the letters off your keyboard in 3 days. Alternatively, you can test your speed here. Then come back here and let me know how you’ve done. I don’t type very fact. Actually, it’d be more correct to say I don’t type very accurately; but my max was 71. And doing the test again nets me 50 – 69.


usb_mole.jpgThe only thing that’s missing from this thing is the mallet that comes with the real whack-a-mole. Then again there must be a reason for it. I wonder what it is…

Nine moles must be a little easy. A new version with more moles may be on the way. Perhaps 50 moles? Now that’ll take the blues away, eh?



There’s more than one old school game that can be brought back to life as a USB toy, you know. Like this one: POP-UP PIRATE! I’m not sure why it needs the power though…




Another voice controlled gadget. This guy’s facial expression changes as sound around his changes. To see them, click on the image above that looks like a circle.



This guy really brings a new perspective to plug-and-play. The car goes in the “garage” and the garage is plugged into your USB port. After several minutes it’s charged up and ready to go. Then a button somewhere on the garage launches the car. I can see many of us geeks having lots of fun with this….



Probably the perfect way to annoy the people sitting around you. I feel the theme for this post should be “Top projectile toys to irritate the living crap out of everyone in the office”. It even comes with a control panel that you install on your computer (pictured left) to increase the accuracy of your shots. Test your creativity by seeing what you find around your desk to swap the Nerf rockets for – thumb tacks, maybe?




I really am not pulling your legs, guys. This is a USB powered cooler, able to chill your canned drinks! In a test a room temperature can of FakecaCola was chilled to 17 degrees Celsius! Some of can’t afford to have a mini fridge in the office. And some of just aren’t silly enough to. So now you can have this mini cooler right on your desk next to your monitor. Pop a can of soda in there, sit back and relax. And after several hours (ahem), your soda will be chilled and ready to go!




Remember when we used to have the mundane task of removing USB devices from the hub and safely storing it away. Well, here’s one way to jazz that task up a little. When turned on, it recognises the order in which you have plugged the devices, and that’s the order in which you need to remove them. Failing to do will trigger a countdown – a LOUD countdown and then a VERY LOUD KABOOM will be heard. I think your devices stay safe though and it’s just the sound. Just don’t be smart and connect your devices orderly from slots 1 to 4 or vice versa, okay?

Fun hint: Give one to your workmate and don’t tell them it’s been rigged. Watch them panic in fear!

Now go and tell your friends and family about these really cool toys. Don’t be starting a war now.

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  1. Wack-A-Mole? That could really help me get through my day, might disturb the people around me though.

  2. I purchased tamagotchi v6 game for my kids to maintain them away from pc. It appears cute to even an adult like me.

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