This, my friends, is a Spongebob rectal tester. Why, God, WHY?

Okay this is for kids, and the manufacturer says that it has been designed so that kids would let you pop a tester in their bum. This is when merchandising goes completely ****ed! The people behind things like that ought to be dragged outside and shot.

Let’s sit back and wonder about these: United Colors of Benetton condoms (to make fashionable girls sleep with you? ) keroppi and hello kitty condoms (paedos?). It’s just weird. It’s even weirder that Benetton condoms in Japan, which were meant to be a marketing ploy in the first place, is actually one of the bestsellers and are up there with Sagami (Japan’s Durex) and the actual Durex.

What next? Hello kitty pregnancy tests? Some things just SHOULD NOT go together. I don’t even want to imagine…

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  1. Ed

    Other marketing plans that will not go together or how do you let celebrities write a book !!

    – How to stay away from drugs with Ozzy Osbourne !!
    – Learn how to cook with Nicole Richie !!
    – How to be the perfect lover, with Paris Hilton !
    – 4 in a row with G.W.Bush (and replica soldier bodies) !!
    and ofcourse: how to be the perfect dad for your child with Eddie Murphy and Mel. B.

  2. M

    I think the Paris book comes with a step-by-step instructional video. That’s Hawt

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