Arthur C. Clarke dead: Birds of a feather die together


amd_princess_diana2.jpg Last month, Roy Scheider, the guy from Jaws and Seaquest, passed away.

This following Heath Ledger’s death. This I find really strange, because famous people from the same groups usually die at roughly the same time – usually in pairs. Remember when Princess Diana died? That was roughly the same time as Mother Teresa’s death.mother_teresa.jpg

This week, two famous geek gods passed: the creator of D&D Gary Gygax (such a cool name) and science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. The one saddest thing about Clarke’s death, I find, is that he’s probably the last science fiction writer of such calibre. I can’t think of one who has that much credit to his name who’s still alive. Who’s going to give us such classics as Space Odyssey?

Which kind of makes me wonder: Now that Castro’s dying, will N.Korea’s Kim Jong Sick – I mean Kim Jong Il – go soon?

Seaquest DSV, by the way, was a really cool show from the 90’s. Watch the trailer below:

Can you think of any other famous people of similar background/claim to fame etc who have died roughly the same time? Let us know.

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  1. Ed

    And lets please not forget the untimely passing of the great director Anthony Minghella yesterday. Who’s “The English Patient” actually truly deserved the Academy Award (that’s the Oscar) for best film.
    Which he followed up with the masterfull and higly suspensefull thriller “The Talented Mr. Ripley”. Ohter classics include “Cold Mountain” and “Breaking And Entering”.
    His last work, “The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency” premieres this Sunday in the UK on the BBC.

  2. M

    Thanks Ed. We shall miss Minghella. The only problem was I couldnt think of another director of such stature who has died recently. Hence his missing out on this entry. I thought English Patient and Mr. Ripley were fantastic films. I havent seen Cold Mountain and Breaking and entering though. Perhaps you could guest-star on TWOM with your insights on films and such.

  3. Meryl

    Peggy Ashcroft, stately great actress of the British stage and some films died the same day as Ralph Richardson, who was a male version of same. I seem to remember they also had the same birthday?
    Frankie Howerd and Benny Hill died the same week. Both were legends of smutty comedy that many people think demonstrate the British sense of humour. their close death was so remarkable, that playwrite Terry Johnson wrote a farce… “Dead Funny” about it. In which he used their deaths to also note the passing of an anachronistic and sexist attitude to British women.
    I think, though not sure, that Ernie Wise and Rod Hull died at similar times.
    The most recent one of course, that is downright spooky, was the deaths of Bernie Mac and Issac Hayes, who had just finished filming “Soul Men” together and died on the same weekend.
    Yep it happens all the time, like people are on some kind of energy/success seesaw.

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