Yeah but if they all look like Cheryl Tweedy, they can be as loud as they want.


Better if they’re so loud you’ve gone deaf you can’t even hear them. ‘Cause with her, it’s all the lookin’ and none of the listening!

…maybe I should tone it down a notch. Since my intention of this post of to share with you my (rather late) discovery of this (rather) new video from Girls Aloud.

I never really paid much attention to them since I’m not much for pop music, especially mainstream pop – I’m a mediocre iconoclast, see? Anyway, this video was on this morning when I woke up and without realising I had stood there, broom in hand, gawking at the screen. for the entire length of the video. Then my partner came down, and she, too, was stuck. There was something about this video. It could be Cheryl’s winks, the costumes or that other girls…(gone to Google her name)…Nadine, that’s it. It was either Cheryl’s winks or Nadine’s lips. Could have been those two PLUS the costumes. Never liked the other 3, who, I think, is, in no particular order and somewhat interchangeably; ugly, slutty, and stupid-looking.

It would be fantastic if the group was only Cheryl and Nadine. Then I think I would become a huge fan, much like I was a fan of the Spice Girls in my teens (did I just say that out loud? WHO REMOVED THE DELETE BUTTON!?). I dont think their songs are that much a problem since: 1. They don’t write it themselves and 2. Nadine’s lips pouring those sultry notes and Chery’s everything totally cancels out everything stupid/dumb/senseless that they do (J. Clarkson would agree). And plus their songs have always got to me in a funny kind of way. Like this one, Can’t speak French and the other one (Google-ing again), Call The Shots, have somehow found their way into my head and played themselves over and over again til I swore I’d puke if I heard it again.

Can’t speak French……la la la …….


Let’s hope these pictures, stolen from Unofficial Cheryl Tweedy, can help cancel out the effects of the tracks.


I’ve only just found that she’s actually married to Ashley Cole. The bastard! He’s got the looks, skills, cars, money and now he’s got Cheryl too. Talk about greedy!

Speaking of sexy (and tech gadgets) you have to check this out. Oh, and this video too.

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