Who said that icebergs were white?


In most cases, they certainly are white – or with a tint of blue, if you must get technical. But what if it had a spectrum?


This marvelous marbled monster was found in the Antarctic. The article reads from Telegraph.co.uk reads:

“Oyvind Tangen, 62, was on board the research ship G O Sars when he photographed the unusual ice formation, floating a few miles off the coast of the frozen continent.

While most icebergs are white due to tiny bubbles trapped inside, which scatter the light in every direction, some pick up a multitude of colours due to various natural phenomena.

Green stripes are the result of algae growing in the ice, while brown, black and yellow lines form as the ice sheets from which bergs are formed pick up layers of sediment.

Deep blue lines can also appear when the air bubbles are squeezed out due to rapid melting and re-freezing of the ice.”

Interesting. What’s more interesting if this fella surfaced from below as the sailor was approaching and gave the guy a heart attack, but was rescued and brought back to life. He then describes his ordeal: a large white striped monster like a cross between a tiger, mammoth, whale and hummingbird surfaced from below the hellish waters and tried to attack it and as he shot a flare into the sky, the monster was frightened and submerged once more. The entire world scrambles Marines, SAS, search and rescue teams, divers and research pods.

Ramblings of a mad man.

images thanks to TerryMcT, mayotic, blather, murky, billadler, jimphoto, Steve Deger, ThijsFr, neoviking

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