Sony’s new sexy OLED XEL-1


Ohmygodmygodmygodmygod. This is my OLED dreams come true.

OLED, by the way, is not my new Swedish girlfriend (that’s Antonetta Ikkia). OLED: Organic LED – Light-emitting diode is THE new technology to be used in flat screens. It’s hot because it doesn’t need a backlight to light up the LEDs. There’s lots of technical details that I am not prepared to explain or even list. All you need to know is that your flat screen will be even flatter. Just like Ms.Moss, but prettier. At its thinnest point, this beauty is only just 3mm (Moss is 5)! You can get a Sharp Hi-Def Aquos for £1,300, or this Sony OLED for £1,000. The Sharp is 46in. whilst the Sony is only 11in. But most of you don’t have to worry about the potentially head-wrenching difficult decision. Because XED-1 is only available in Japan. Which means I have to make that choice. Sigh.

Right now, feast your eyes on this baby.



Check this, this, and this out too. But this is most important.

Wanna know where the name iPod came from?

Pictures were nicked from engadget.

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