Evidence: Crime and stupidity go together


Remember the Japanese man who called the police from the same police station he’d broken into to steal a girlie poster (read it here)? Not long after that happened, another dumb crook does something equally dumb.

In Sydney, Australia, a 35-year old man calls the police in the wee hours of the morning after hearing his window being smashed.

When the police arrives, he tells them this:

“The thief took all my cannabis plants!”

After the police searched the house, they found another 6 plants. The man was arrested and charged under drug offences.

In a police statement:

“Members of the public are reminded that the growing of cannabis is not only illegal but can also attract other criminal activity such home break-ins and assaults,” the statement said.

What they should have said was:

“This man is a dumbass.”


Green arches nicked from hoboken411

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  1. onedeal

    I love the big Marijuana restaurant…….

  2. M

    I’m sure it’s in Amsterdam.

  3. M

    or in photo shop

  4. Ed

    Oh man, I love that joint….!!!

  5. Finally the munches and the shits together

  6. clay byrd

    javon jones need to quit smoking weed

  7. dave chapplle

    lexiebyrd need to stop i mean stop smoking weed and javan jones and clay byrd and elizabeth is a whore

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