Cakes, not as you know them

I just love when people take something we recognise and turn into something completely different.

And I especially like these cakes.


1. Sushi? Me no think so…




…It’s a roll cake!

The image above details the ingredients used. Translation:

(clockwise, from top right)

Spinach sponge, strawberry puree, pumpkin pudding, chocolate, cherry, chocolate cream, yellow peach chunk, crepe, brandied cherries (there’s an Italian name for them, but I just can’t recall it for some reason), sponge.

The seaweed wrap is made of crepe, but in this case is black , and I bet it’s only colouring that makes it black, whilst rice is made of sponge. I have never seen sponge that white before though.

2. Roll of Panda



Ingredients (clockwise, from top right):

Melon/Strawberry sponge, creme fraiche and yellow pumpkin sponge, crepe (as above), chocolate, crepe (as before).


Comes in four flavour, too!

From left: Strawberry, tea, rice, pumpkin.

3. Chocolate bear cake



And this is how it is painstakingly made:



Nintendo-related cakes

Atari cake

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