It’s official: I’m certified crazy


Because I send too many emails. I send about 300 emails a day to friends, just for the heck of it. And when I’m really, really bored, I send about 780 emails. In 2 hours. Whilst sending 426 text messages. People must be really busy, because I never get a reply.

According to the whack job who certified that I am in fact crazy, there are several other symptoms:

  • suffering from feelings of withdrawal when a computer cannot be accessed
  • an increased need for better equipment
  • need for more time to use it
  • experiencing the negative repercussions of their addiction

117909979_23627e8ad9_m.jpgIt’s true. I constantly – and when I say constantly, I mean fortnightly – have to upgrade my machine, and because of the process of upgrading it, I can’t use it, and I get really agitated and start pouring washing powder down my throat and throwing feces at my neighbours. This then makes me waste a lot of time, time which I could have used to access a computer.

So you see, I am crazy. So crazy, in fact, it turns me into a middle-aged woman. That picture really is of me, taken by missy13d69. That picture of a dog is actually my pet budgie. She’s got issues, but she’s still my babe. gcphoto took that shot, and was never the same ever again.

If you dare, you can read the original article here.
Disclaimer: The World Of M accepts no responsibility for person turning crazy after clicking the link above. Feces will also not entertained.

warn your friends

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  1. Ed

    And I always thought that ´being´ crazy had to do with cultural distance…. proves me wrong then.

  2. M

    to be or not to be…

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