Dior on the phone for you

It was bound to happen…LG teamed with Prada, and Armani with Samsung. Now, Dior have launched their mobile phone. At five thousand greenbacks, I doubt that you can get it on T Mobile Flex.

It does look a lot nicer than the LG-da or Samsung-mani , and you could tell that it is Dior whereas all the Prada and Armani have is their brands printed on the phone. Even their cases don’t carry the signature Prada badge or Armani eagle.

WAGs can ave a new toy now…apart from their Blackberry. Which makes me think: Why in the world do they need a Blackberry. One very likely reason is because emailing gossip to one anther is cheaper and more convenient on a Blackberry than on a regular mobile phone.

Anyway, here are some pics of the Diorphone from Engadget. No specs as yet, but if you’re buying one of them, you wouldn’t care about them, let alone need them.

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