The title may sound serious, but believe us, it’s anything but

Recently we posted an entry about what not to say when applying for a job, so to follow up, here some stuff themed around working and office life.

  • “Call centre manager” is boring and not attention catching, “chatty zombie pack leader” is. More classic job descriptions.
  • “Dear Sir: with reference to the above, please refer to my below…”. Amuse your boss, get a holiday.
  • Don’t you wish you could get those people who keep stealing borrowing your pens to return them just so you can jam it in their palms as a reminder to return that freaking pen? Well with these pens you won’t need to. They’ll always be returned, if borrowed at all.
  • The other thing about office communicating apart from the fake “Hey, how’s it going” and awkward silences is corporate speak! If you are one of those that uses phrases like “we are still optimistic things will feed through the sales and delivery pipeline”, STOP IT! Or read this. Then these “live” additions from around the globe.
  • Otherwise, you’re going to find yourself a victim of these pranks.

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