T-Mobile hijacks Trafalgar Square

And previously, Liverpool Street Station:

Good times.

A common advertising anomaly in marketing is that whilst it does wonders for brand communication, it’s extremely hard to quantify – in monetary terms – the sales they might generate. It would be sweet if we could say with full confidence “$xx buys us exactly x% sales”. The reality is that it doesnt translate quite as well and clear cut as that. Which sometimes makes me wonder about ROI projections and what the margin of error is.

On the other hand, you can imagine the T-Mobile execs going “yes! let’s do this!” since guerilla campaigns are quite cheap to make. That is, assuming the agency hasn’t actually hired the first few hundred people to gather and get the ball rolling in those venues (It’s not surprising that people do hire these people and make them seem random).

Grab ’em, then stun ’em

Two most important things to remember developing a campaign idea is Impact and Relevance (Thank you, Gareth, if you’re reading this).

This campaign definitely does not lack any impact or relevance.

The soundtrack, the venues, the ambience definitely appeals to T-mobile’s target market; mainly the young adults.

The ads also conveyed how communication and togetherness are important to these people and how T-Mobile can help to bring them together and all that jazz. Then again, most VMNO (virtual mobile network operator) say pretty much the same thing. The one thing that makes this campaign different is that it’s emotionally engaging, pulling at the heartstrings seeing so many different people coming together, literally in harmony (or somewhat slightly off). And that’s impact!

Incidentally, these ads remind me of the Network 3 ads, one of I’ve added here. The last sequence is what everybody remembers most.

I now cannot listen to that song without recalling that sequence. Or that cherry!

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