M is fascinated by everything, without over-enthusiasm. He speaks several languages and is looking to learning more. M does not speak French or Spanish now. In the near future, he shall.


M lives in various countries during and for different periods. His passion for traveling has brought him to various places and made him indecisive about where he wants to live. For M, there is no ideal place to live, and being nomadic seems to be destiny.


M is male, but is neither heterosexual, metrosexual, homosexual nor nonsexual. Sensual is key and anti-homosexualism is stupid.


M is not an expert in anything, but a perfectionist in everything. M is interested in food, architecture, cars, videos, computers, art, wine, cheese, relaxing, sleeping, decoration, judo, plasticine, cellophane tape, music, glue, diamonds, Christmas trees, potatoes, literature, branding, making bread, photography. The list goes on, because M is interested in life itself, until life itself ends.

Multidimensional multimedia

The World Of M is a combination of these things – a manifestation of M’s head and heart. It is not linear, but a multidimensional burst of energy and emotions. It can be happy, sad, angry, excited – it will create laughter and smile, tears, anxiety, elation. Videos, ads, photos, illustrations, websites, blogs, presents, music – all contribution to entry topics are welcome. With the exception of nonconstructive profanity and pornography.

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