…we shall leave this world and realise that all we’ve ever had we borrowed although I’m not exactly sure where we’re returning them to.

What is clear though, is that life is too damn short. So short that we really shouldn’t be worrying about what others think of us and what we want to do (going beyond the laws of nature is another matter). Certainly conflicts are difficult and the ones inside us are probably the toughest to overcome. And they will definitely arise when we’re caught in the middle of being true to ourselves and living other people’s expectations. How do we then go about solving this conundrum?

I believe in balance and harmony in everything. We’ve all heard that too much of something is bad. Even when it’s something good. Everyone of us has responsibilities. And everyone of us sure has our own passions in life. We live in a society of laws and Big Brother and yet it’s exhilarating when rules are bent.

My philosophy in life is simple. Balance everything out and you will attain harmony. Balance responsibilities and dream-chasing and when the two merge, something wonderful just might happen. For example, you live a fruitful and successful life as a family man and a career man, although it doesn’t have to be a career as some of us might not even want one. I know many people whose dream is to travel around the world not worrying about where the next penny is going to come from. I know of some who wants to study their entire lifetime, going to schools around the world. And there are those who dream of a simple, happy life with 5 children. Despite achieving and attaining all, when we leave, we shall have no more recollection. A snap of the finger, one last breath, and all is deleted. But what I do know is that if we live life to the fullest, to OUR fullest, that last breath will be exhaled with a smile, knowing that we’ve done all we wanted to do and becoming what we want to become.

Regret not what you have done, but regret what you have not done.

Regret not, for life is too short.


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