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Spotted at Failblog. If you’re not a fan of hot webcam strippers then skip to the 45 sec mark.

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Is it just me or does Mylene Klass look like the Corpse Bride in the new M&S ad?

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C’mon, admit it. We all like a bit of shitty crap cheesy crap once in a while. So I’m going to share this really outlandish ad with you. Those in the UK would have seen it on TV. There’s something about this ad that makes me laugh EVERYTIME I see it. It’s not a particularly good ad, just a really, really funny one. Please leave a comment telling us what you found funny about it.

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Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, Bebo, Friendster, Second Life, LiveSpaces etc etc etc etc

How many of you have an account on ALL of them?
How many of you log in everyday? Or several times a day?
How many used to log in several times a day, commenting on photos, poking people, hugging, slapping, kicking, racing, feeding….and now only log in once a week?

As more and more social media networks come into existence, I wonder what makes Microsoft think it can make money by acquiring Facebook for a ridiculous sum of money and also why Google is going into it. Who makes money out of all this? And who are the biggest losers. I’m willing to bet that we, the users, will be the biggest losers. Time, money, life…all gone the ever increasing social media drain.

Several weeks after I was shown the Facebook video, a new one surfaces to reflect the reality of social media networks and their users today. The hilarity starts after the first minute or so when Tom, the founder of MySpace appears and then Friendster.

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Vending machines have come a long way since they were first invented. Now vending machines vend anything from rice to sneakers to coffee beans. I would have loved to be in that era when you can buy your own meals, like in the video. Nonetheless, I am in my era and I have some great machines too.

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Yeah but if they all look like Cheryl Tweedy, they can be as loud as they want.


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amd_princess_diana2.jpg Last month, Roy Scheider, the guy from Jaws and Seaquest, passed away.

This following Heath Ledger’s death. This I find really strange, because famous people from the same groups usually die at roughly the same time – usually in pairs. Remember when Princess Diana died? That was roughly the same time as Mother Teresa’s death. Continue Reading »

This guy sure took the risk of finding out. By running his iPhone stopwatch for 999+ hours, he’s now going to show us what’ll happen after 1000 hrs of not turning the thing down.

It could explode, it could fade out in a fizzle, Steve Jobs could call and congratulate you!

To find out how ingenius Mac-gineers are, keep watching ’til the end.

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For those of you who went to watch Ratatouille, methinks you would agree that it was one of the best Disney/Pixar film of late. You might, or might not remember one of their famed shorts, which made you laugh your head off – Lifted. If you remember, you can watch it here again, and if you’ve forgotten it, well, here’s a recap. Even if you have a deadline looming just around the corner (say 2 hours) this is 5 minutes you’d want to use up not working.

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Go watch this video first (link opens new window).

Then come back and see how I count money here.

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Don’t you hate hypocrisy? I do. What’s more is large companies’ hypocrisy. When they have buttloads of money because they keep raising prices just because they know you have to pay. Companies like power companies and rail companies.


For those who live in the UK will know this, especially those who live in London and the Southwest. They keep increasing their prices and giving us dumbass reasons which that expect us to be gullible and take, all the while their service goes form poor to utter crap! The two most ridiculous reasons for delay that I’ve heard are:

1. Severe weather – the slap in the face was that it was only starting to drizzle, and they call that SEVERE weather? This is bloody England, you’ve had rain pissing down on you since the bloody beginning of time, you should have bloody known make trains and tracks that can bloody run when its bloody drizzling.

2. Leaves on the track. Honestly, I heard this announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that the (time) train to London Waterloo has been delayed due to leaves on the track.” Well, really? Did the leaf hurt you, you big ol’ train? Did it scratch my poor steel body? Get bent!

I bet you another price hike is coming because of TomTom’s. Apparently , they’re blaming satnavs for giving “wrong directions” and leading them to destroy bridges and tracks, costing them £15m. This despite the fact that their profits were something like a two billion last year.

This is what they had to say:

“Bridge strikes are very disruptive because each time we have to send a structural engineer out to check the structure and repair any damage caused”

I say:

“Your god damn delays are disruptive, the pay strikes when you don’t treat your staff right are disruptive. YOU are disruptive.

These days I’d rather endure the traffic jams in the city than give my money to these people who provide poor service anyway.

Anyway, if you’re feeling as hot (not the sexy kind) as I am now, then check this video out, it’ll all be alright.

Has anyone seen the British comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run? It’s weird how British films are always advertised loudly, get in the cinema, and fizzles out quickly. Are they really that bad? I remember a whole string of comedies from Cloud Nation – one of the many affectionate names I have for this country) – Love Actually, Hot Fuzz, Run, Fat Boy, Run. Ok, there weren’t many, but my point is that British comedies are that bad at all and very seldom have slapstick jokes. Anyway, RFBR is a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg, one of my favourie British actors, Thandie Newton (hawt!) and Hank Azaria, the guy who does Homer S’s voice. And, it was directed by David Schwimmer. David who? Ross Geller! Monica’s brother? FRIENDS? Ah…there you go. Yes, I found it surprising too that he was directed this film, but meh, whachagondo? It was a nice, sweet romantic comedy and if you’re at home with your partner, wondering what to do after all the vigorous exercise, this is the film to watch, not Terminator 2.

Verdict – 3½/5

Have we all seen 300? Did we all enjoy it? Well, here’s another film that you can watch to waste 90 minutes of your life: Meet the Spartans.

The funniest scene in that film was definitely Britney Spears, which they obviously spoiled by putting it in the trailer – as you do – and Lindsay Lohan at the end.

After watching about a third, I proceeded to do other things and left it playing in the background.

More like a Christmas pantomime than a spoof.

Verdict: 2/5


One of the things I enjoy most for a quite evening out is going to the cinema. Paradoxically, it ain’t that quiet in there, but you know what I mean. When you have a couple of hours to spare and you don’t feel like doing anything else. Just get online, book your tickets, get there, and you’re done.

But after starting this masters’ degree, the only time I ever have time for a movie is during breaks between projects – also when I’m sitting on the john. Considering a movie these days lasts 120-150 minutes and my breaks last 15 minutes, a film would take me about 4 days to finish, which, incidentally, is how long you would be able to sleep after watching Kubrick’s Space Odyssey (I hear people arming up).

Of course you also have to factor in the partner, the phone, the critters (not kids), the snow, the Queen. Realistically, it now takes me about a month to finish a film. Of course, by the time I get to the end, I have no recollection of the beginning, so I tend to try and jog memory by watching the first 10-15 minutes.

Usually, I see scenes that I cannot at all recall, since my brain is already overflowing with charts and graphs and stupid marketing terminology – which, by the way, if you are a marketer, PEOPLE HATE! So stop using them. You’re supposed to be speaking to customers so that they know what you’re talking about. How can clients and customers understand what you’re about if you speak like you’re using quantum physics to build a machine that can take you into a TV set so you can bonk Sharon Stone when she spreads her legs?

As I was saying: I tend to forget what I’ve seen so to recall, I could end watching more than the 10-15 minutes in the beginning. So these days, in times of DVD bookmarking and chapter searching, my films tend to last more than a month. And if I were to remember the film, I’d have to watch it twice, so I finish in three months.

Come to think about it, that’s no bad thing- I could end buying only ONE film a year and I could still find it entertaining.

Tango balls

I bet you know I enjoy spoofs, don’t you? Here’s one that I recalled seeing. Can you guess which ad it’s spoofing?

Clue: I’ve recently shown you. (shh…)