CharitiesHere are the charities I currently support. Some of aware that one of my goals in life is to start a charity before I die. Currently it is to build free animal and children hospitals (not in the same building, preferably). By free I mean, COMPLETELY free. So if a child is ill and his/her family owns than the national average then all consultation and medication would be free. And if they earn the national average, they will be given a substantial discount where the difference in cost and what they pay will be paid by my charity and backers.

I have no benchmarks by which to gauge which type(s) of charities deserve more money than the other. Perhaps one day I will but IDEALLY they are all equally deserving. Rather than massively debating this, I shall include ONLY the ones I am supporting at the moment. I am in the midst of talks with them to find ways where I can collect donations and have the proceeds go DIRECTLY to them, therefore increasing the trust factor of The World of M. We shall see how these pan out, but in the mean time, if you have a few spare minutes, do read about their missions and campaigns and if you can support them since the minimum is usually only £2/mth.




Cancer Research UK

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