This album contains my collection of photos of my pets over the past 4 years. Some are still with me and some have gone to a better place. I love animals, and I will always have pets, big or small, despite the intolerable pain when they go away. It would be a dream come true to have a huge yard, with a white tiger roaming about!


Marble. Extremely picky and fickle. Sheep in wolf’s clothes. Loves vegetables, attention, chin rubs and Charcoal (see below).

Charcoal (right). Died from flu more than a year ago. We saw him in the pet shop and as we picked him up to bring him home, Marble squeaked the house down and we knew they were inseparable. When Charcoal died, Marble was quiet for months and never came out much to play. We were so worried that he could never recover from the pain. Fortunately, Charcoal is in a better place now and Marble is as happy and cheeky as ever.


Muichi. Rabbit Extraordinaire. Extremely fussy and hot tempered yet playful and very funny. Loves a good ear massage. She’s gone now, to the Great Hutch in The Sky. Muichi was 8 when she died, a very long life for a rabbit.


Shinchan and Sacchan. Won one (Shinchan) at a game stall during summer fiesta (Bon Odori) in Japan. I cannot bear to have one of a type of pet – perhaps I fear that it may be lonely. Typically, I went to get him a pal, Sacchan. They’ve grown rapidly and within 3 months they have grown tremendously. Maybe they catch them in Chernobyl?


Funnily, my gerbils’ names have always been changed. It reached a point when I just called them “hey” and “oi”. Interchangeably. The brown one on the left died at an expected age 2 years old. The grey one, unbelievably, is almost 4! Unbelievable because a gerbil’s lifespan is 2 years.

Update 14th March 2008: Grey has passed on, to going to the big desert in the sky to meet his siblings. He was 4 years old.


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