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This little guy here is called the Linutop 2. It is so small that even my hard drive is bigger. Gone are the days when only the obese can say “I sat on my computer and broke it.” Cometh are the days when schoolchildren can say “My dog ate my homework, which was in my computer.”

What we have here, is not an ultra fast super computer that can run NASA and MI5 at the same time. In fact, it only has a 500Mhz Processor, 512MB RAM and it comes with a load of open-source applications like the Ubuntu OS and Open Office on a minuscule 1GB of memory!

It is, however, the world’s most energy-efficient computer. It uses just as much energy as a lettuce. Hooking it up to the Sony OLED might be pretty hot. Told you things were getting smaller. Or flatter.

It’s only a matter of time before someone comes up with another MacBook Air spoof for these little fellas, like these ones here, and here.

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After it was unveiled several days ago that you can get a MacBook Carbon, you can now have a really stylish carbon carrier to go with it to show that you really mean business, the Carbon way! This baby’s going to set you back 3 grand (one and a half in sterling)


Of course you can always go for this one at $16,000:


Thanks to Andrew for the story; Nandini and Naveen for the images.

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Ok ladies (and some gentlemen), if you cycle, and you have about four thousand bucks that you have absolutely no idea what to do with, you can post it to me will to love this:

You can now buy a Gucci bicycle – Guccicycle. Only information available at time of writing is that it’s going to be in “China Red” (just say red) and and it’s going to carry a red GG saddle bag on each side.

Now you can ride with style.


It won’t be long before Vuitton and the rest come up with something similar just to prey on those newly-rich Chinese wallets. They’re going to exploit everything from furniture to car upholstery (that is – if they haven’t done it already).

I would hate to see Tiffany & Co. do a bicycle. Though I’d love to see someone try to ride a 24k white gold TiffaCycle.

If you think that’s hot you’ll also want to check these out:


Thanks, joe for the Guccicycle image

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Whilst we’re all still cooing over the MacBook Air, waiting to get a piece of the action, here’s more new mods, odds and sods.

Apparently the MBA just ain’t light and mobile enough for guys at Make. And they also thought the MacBook Helium wasn’t powerful enough, so they’ve come up with a great way to re-revolutionise your MBA. All hail the MBC – that’s MacBook Carbon.


Also see: Nintendo Air/MacBook DS

Thanks, John and Phillip

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Previously I posted a spoof of the MacBook Air ad.

Now I’m going to share with you another spoof of the ad.

It’s silly little things like that that brighten up my day.

I recently posted an entry about things getting thinner to the point they were barely visible. Now that the Macbook Air is out, people with limited handbag – and manbag – space are clambering to get their hands on the overpriced and underspecified but ohmygoditssosexygimmegimme MacBook Air, here’s one reason why you should not buy it: the MacBook Helium.


The MacBook air has received the multi-touch, which I really like but OhGizmo thinks as disappointing for its price. But whatever new treatment it gets, it still won’t beat my MacBook Helium! ;)

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photo by blueone

Let’s do a quick and interesting experiment.

Those of you who doesn’t know what an iPod is, hands up.

Now, go jump off a cliff/tree/building/motorway/bridge near you.

Told you that was quick, didn’t I?

Now, to those remaining, have you ever wondered where Apple got the name iPod from? It’s a name, or word, so synonymous with this generation and like many things, we take for granted where the name came from. And being a marketing / branding expert, I could not possibly live with myself if I do not try and figure out the origins of the brand iPod.

First of all, let’s break the name up so we can properly analyse it.
The “I” was a fad. Nowadays, apart from Apple, any company that comes up with a product (or *gasp* a service) that starts with an “I” will either a. get laughed at or b. get shot, then laughed at. The “I” was like the “e”. First came eBusiness and then you had e-commerce and e-tail. Then there was eMassage Oils and eStupidFurnitureFromScandinavia and eImNotTooCoolSoIllJustAddAn”e”ToMyBrand.

Then you have the Pod – what were they thinking? A Kinder egg looks like a Pod, a mouse (the thing you click with) looks like Pod, even a scrotum looks like a Pod – a rather floppy one – but nonetheless, a Pod! That square thing when it was launched looked more like a biscuit, or a piece of toast, or (insert rectangular, non-food item here). If you disagree, think about this. What do you think of when you hear the word pod? Something round, or cyclindrical or at least rounded. Go look it up if you don’t believe me. Dictionaries say “round,or cylindrical encasing.”

My point is this: although it was not a Pod per se, but hey, look at how smart they were. This is purely speculation but this is my theory: it was a time of portable things, CDs computers, stuff! And you wanted stuff on demand, Word, PowerPoint, music, MTV. They could have easily called it Music on Demand, which then it would iMod, and that would have restricted them to only music. And today, they would surely have problems selling iMod and iVod (no points for getting that one right) separately. But they didn’t. And the reason is this: they actually a gypsy chained up in their secret underground lab who told them that in future, iPods could play video! With that in mind, and both music and video being “playback”, the thing became known as intelligent Playback On Demand! That is how name the iPod came about.

This has always been my theory for years, until some rumours of the real origin surfaced, and I still believe that my theory is right and their Space Odyssey story is a cover up. It’s so that the world will never know about their future-seeing gypsy woman. Just like area 51 and MJ.

Crawling the WWW, I’ve come across some other opinions, some interesting and some downright stupid.:

“Internet Palm Operated Device”

“i mean its so self explanatory…the thing looks like a damn pod and they just added an ‘i’ to it to make it sound computery. ” (Like, ohmygod, I’m so like totally, literally, blonde. And I know computery words too!)

“pod=leg i=i and= my leg” (My personal favourite. Makes absolutely no sense, just like yours truly)

“Personal Organizer Device”

“Product Of Da’future”

“Painfully Overpriced Device”

“Predator of Dell”

“Until I get my iPod fixed *again*, I’m dubbing it “Piece of Dung.”

“I p****d on Diamond” (Makers of the Rio Mp3 players)

” ephod-iazô , Ion. epod- , means furnish with supplies for a journey”