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Going back to my post on aural branding, here is another interesting nugget.

What do these have in common:

(in the UK) The voice of the woman at post offices/supermarket who calls out “Cashier number one, please

The “voice” heard in trailers “In a world where” or “the hunter becomes the hunted” (no, not Pablo Francisco)

In their own way, they’re celebrities. They’re well known and recognised.

They also invoke feelings.

The queue voice reminds us of the frustration of having to stand in a queue. It could also bring back that feeling of relief when we’re finally being served.

The Trailer voice man (it’s actually Don LaFontaine 1940 – 2008) usually evokes horror and drama, since his voice is normally used in action movies and horrors or thrilers.

Which other voice overs or aural branding can you think of; and what feelings do they invoke?

It took me a while to realise this, but I have only discovered that blogging need not be as time-consuming as it was for me. I enjoy posting things up because, looking at my stats, I know that the few people who do read my blog actually enjoy the variety of stuff I post and regularly click on the links that I post.

So this is a new addition to TWOM. Interesting stuff I read on over the internet will be re-iterated as is, complete with the link. That way, my dear readers can still count on me for interesting mish mash from around the double-u double-u, double-u and I can still be lazy have a life.

Here’s the first ever Daily Waffle. Links open in new window

Enjoy promiscuously

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Some entrepreneurial start-ups are extremely innovative when it comes to naming, like in this post.

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