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Have we all seen 300? Did we all enjoy it? Well, here’s another film that you can watch to waste 90 minutes of your life: Meet the Spartans.

The funniest scene in that film was definitely Britney Spears, which they obviously spoiled by putting it in the trailer – as you do – and Lindsay Lohan at the end.

After watching about a third, I proceeded to do other things and left it playing in the background.

More like a Christmas pantomime than a spoof.

Verdict: 2/5

Woke up this morning to my usual dose of “ugh”, “blech”, newspaper and coffee. Clicking through the news (yes, the online newspaper), something caught my eye. Normally I tend to ignore images celebrities, particularly movie stars. I do believe that I have much better things to do than read about a someone showing their naked genitals in a Bentley Continental etc etc. However, this morning was somewhat different. The link next to the article I was reading had a rather surprisingly large picture of Heath Ledger. Surprisingly because it’s a respectable paper and even more so I was reading either the politics or business section and a Hollywood hunk shows up. Because he’s in the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight, playing a rather sordid-looking Joker, I thought I’d click on it and see if it was something to do with the film (because I really, really, can’t wait to see it. *click, click*, page loads. and it read “Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger found dead at 28”. First thought? “April Fools’ Day”! Then again, its Jan-bloody-uary! Pasted the headline into a search engine and I find that it is true. So weird. One day you’re famous, next day you die. That’s life – you never know when it’ll end.