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Vending machines have come a long way since they were first invented. Now vending machines vend anything from rice to sneakers to coffee beans. I would have loved to be in that era when you can buy your own meals, like in the video. Nonetheless, I am in my era and I have some great machines too.

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photo by kaptainkobold

One of the first “real” entries I posted was about a device projecting ultrasound to deter kids from loitering around shopping malls and public spaces, remember? Now, the UK government, indecisive and heading in the wrong direction than that of the general public – as always – are looking to banning this device.

This device, according to the Children’s Commissioner, violates kid’s rights. First of all – kids causing troubles should not be given rights. Except of course the right to maim a sexual predator pervert or to kick him (or sometimes her) in the nuts – or equivalent. Apart from that, they should not be given any other rights. Secondly kids today have too much control over their own lives and are dissing their elders and that’s why the English society is like crap. Walking down the high street it feels like you can get nabbed at any time by any kid with a cap. Or tracksuit (HELLO? There’s a reason why it’s called a TRACKsuit).

So anyway, they also claim that kids from a certain mile-radius would congregate at the same spot, like the mall, say. These kids are a mixture of good and bad kids, they just happen to be under the same roof. Granted – that has truth in it. Kids will congregate around the same area, like I used to do when I was a kid, and you, when you were a kid. It’s inevitable that there are only so many places kids can go.

So here’s my suggestion to separate the good from the bad, which they say, is a much better solution if doable. Leave the machines intact in the 3,500-odd places they’ve been installed on, but hire people to stand around all entrances. and give out to kids, as they enter the building, an earplug or something. If the kids are wearing caps, tracksuits, have fake diamond earring the size of a melon (or for the girls, hoop earrings the size a hula hoop) and/or is carrying a weapon, then they wouldn’t be given one and will be asked to leave. Of course, it’s a violation to human rights (note the difference) not to let them in, so let them in, and turn up the volume. Sit back and relax and watch them squirm, and we can our hands up like we just don’t care.