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For those of you who went to watch Ratatouille, methinks you would agree that it was one of the best Disney/Pixar film of late. You might, or might not remember one of their famed shorts, which made you laugh your head off – Lifted. If you remember, you can watch it here again, and if you’ve forgotten it, well, here’s a recap. Even if you have a deadline looming just around the corner (say 2 hours) this is 5 minutes you’d want to use up not working.

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Has anyone seen the British comedy Run, Fat Boy, Run? It’s weird how British films are always advertised loudly, get in the cinema, and fizzles out quickly. Are they really that bad? I remember a whole string of comedies from Cloud Nation – one of the many affectionate names I have for this country) – Love Actually, Hot Fuzz, Run, Fat Boy, Run. Ok, there weren’t many, but my point is that British comedies are that bad at all and very seldom have slapstick jokes. Anyway, RFBR is a romantic comedy starring Simon Pegg, one of my favourie British actors, Thandie Newton (hawt!) and Hank Azaria, the guy who does Homer S’s voice. And, it was directed by David Schwimmer. David who? Ross Geller! Monica’s brother? FRIENDS? Ah…there you go. Yes, I found it surprising too that he was directed this film, but meh, whachagondo? It was a nice, sweet romantic comedy and if you’re at home with your partner, wondering what to do after all the vigorous exercise, this is the film to watch, not Terminator 2.

Verdict – 3½/5

Serious loadda crapper


We’ve heard of stories of rich people having weird toilets and oil-rich kings building their toilets with gold. But how about spending thousands on YOUR toilet? Meet the Toto MS990CGR-12 Neorest Toilet. The name suggests something that can fly to the International Space Station, dock, upload supplies in a matter of seconds and come back down to Earth again. Of course, you’d have to take away the word “toilet”.

Apparently the lid opens as I close-in on it. I wonder what if someone was “in a rush” and the toilet is ever-so-elegantly slowly and gently lifting its head and this poor soul is there probably crapped all over the place.

Then you have an auto flush. What you need is vocal capabilities, like Garfield’s talking weighing scale, and you have Comedy Central. “WOO HOO! Lay off the tikka masala, dude!”

It sports CycloneFlush (TM) technology and it “delivers higher performance than anything you’ve ever experienced.” Okay, first of all, just say it as it is: “Drowns all your shit, no matter how large.” And secondly: I’ve never really experienced a flush.

Best of all, is it has a manual override button, which is “discreet”. Right, at this point, I am helplessly tearful from the laughter and I can barely type. I have tapped “delete” at least ten times just trying to type this sentence. “Discreet manual override button”? So you can manually lift the toilet lid and flush! Oh my aching jaws, my cheeks!

Please, just visit this page and laugh to your heart’s content.

On a not so recent Times column, Rod Liddle was commenting on Catherine Tate, possibly UK’s most annoying woman. This little line here, which almost made me piss myself, perfectly describes what I think of the woman:

“Tate’s show consists of a seemingly endless recitation of numbingly familiar catchphrases that were not very funny in the first place. The same woeful dross repeated week after week: humour for people with the IQ of a whelk. Am I bovvered? You should be, love – you’re about as funny as Pakistan.”

To read the whole column, click here.