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Remember when I posted the ad for Orange and I called it a copy of the Sony Bravia Balls ad? Well, this time around, it’s even more frustrating. Even less creative neurons have died.At least Sony and Orange are two completely different industries.

This time, Ford has just done my head in. I’ve never found their ads to be memorable and at best, they caught my attention for a split second before I continued staring at that long-legged blonde crossing the street while I’m sitting in my car waiting for the lights to turn green.

Now this is where it all blows up in the face of advertising – a car manufacturer, (deep breath) copying another car manufacturer’s ad. Just when you think it couldn’t get any dumber, they copied an award-winning, super memorable ad!

Then there’s the tagline: Beautifully Arranged. Compared to what? The living of a chav who just got married? Gimme a break, the only way you can beautifully arrange that car is by putting it next to the bin!

Anyhow, here’s the ad:

A rip-off of the Sony Bravia Balls ad.