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amd_princess_diana2.jpg Last month, Roy Scheider, the guy from Jaws and Seaquest, passed away.

This following Heath Ledger’s death. This I find really strange, because famous people from the same groups usually die at roughly the same time – usually in pairs. Remember when Princess Diana died? That was roughly the same time as Mother Teresa’s death. Continue Reading »

515853609_34d92b479b_m.jpgLooks like we may have to stop making fun of the farm animals and their farts (ha ha). Their farts – ahem, flatulence – has been proven to kill. Continue Reading »


photo by mattohara

Referring to my previous post, I was wondering what if God had created us somewhat different e.g. we had bodies that did not need that 6-8 hours to recuperated, then we wouldn’t need to sleep so much. Perhaps an hour or two? And voila! 22 hours a day to get things done! That’s double what most of us have now, almost.

Then again, not only could that have been counter-productive, that could’ve been purely destructive. Methinks, that because we double the waking hours, we would have discovered things much earlier; the Industrial revolution migh have happened 500 years earlier and the Information Technology and Age of Nanotechnology would have started 250 years ago. So that means, because of this exponential rate of acceleration, in 2008, we would’ve completely wiped out all life on earth!


photo by ejazasi

After doing some dumbfounding calculations, I have mind-blowing evidence that life is crap.

Of all my years on this planet, trying to make my way into the community and making a lidabidamoolah,
I’ve wasted:

6 months waiting for traffic lights to turn green

2 years looking for things

and most frighteningly,


If you have a regime by which I can sleep less and still be as productive (or unproductive) as I am now, please do let me know.

Woke up this morning to my usual dose of “ugh”, “blech”, newspaper and coffee. Clicking through the news (yes, the online newspaper), something caught my eye. Normally I tend to ignore images celebrities, particularly movie stars. I do believe that I have much better things to do than read about a someone showing their naked genitals in a Bentley Continental etc etc. However, this morning was somewhat different. The link next to the article I was reading had a rather surprisingly large picture of Heath Ledger. Surprisingly because it’s a respectable paper and even more so I was reading either the politics or business section and a Hollywood hunk shows up. Because he’s in the upcoming Batman film, The Dark Knight, playing a rather sordid-looking Joker, I thought I’d click on it and see if it was something to do with the film (because I really, really, can’t wait to see it. *click, click*, page loads. and it read “Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger found dead at 28”. First thought? “April Fools’ Day”! Then again, its Jan-bloody-uary! Pasted the headline into a search engine and I find that it is true. So weird. One day you’re famous, next day you die. That’s life – you never know when it’ll end.