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Ok ladies (and some gentlemen), if you cycle, and you have about four thousand bucks that you have absolutely no idea what to do with, you can post it to me will to love this:

You can now buy a Gucci bicycle – Guccicycle. Only information available at time of writing is that it’s going to be in “China Red” (just say red) and and it’s going to carry a red GG saddle bag on each side.

Now you can ride with style.


It won’t be long before Vuitton and the rest come up with something similar just to prey on those newly-rich Chinese wallets. They’re going to exploit everything from furniture to car upholstery (that is – if they haven’t done it already).

I would hate to see Tiffany & Co. do a bicycle. Though I’d love to see someone try to ride a 24k white gold TiffaCycle.

If you think that’s hot you’ll also want to check these out:


Thanks, joe for the Guccicycle image

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