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I had been playing with the idea of sticking my calendars onto the blog. Thus far I haven’t – and I’m beginning to think that I won’t. There are several reasons why; but chiefly, it’s because I don’t want my exact whereabouts to be broadcasted all over the world. Arguably, all it takes is some idiot in the government to lose a couple of CD’s with all our details and then we’d all be screwed. That would not be indifferent to putting a TomTom on my back and uploading the broadcast to the whole world. Then there’s the psychos! I really don’t want to die getting stabbed just because some demented freakazoid ran out of Bratz dolls to take heads off of. Then there’s the question of creditors. I guess by now on the WWW I’m as transparent as Michael Jackson and they could, easily methinks, come and get me as I’m pulling out of a the driveway to get milk from the supermarket wearing my pajamas and no underwear – or a jock strap/gimp suit/cowboy/Pink Panther/feather boa (Fridays, Saturdays and eve of public holidays, 10pm onwards only). So in other words there now won’t be a calendar advertising my exact location to demented killers/debt chasers/crazy people/plastic celebrities/vengeful tomatoes from outer space/Tom Cruise. Then again, why is there a need? People I see often know where I am and those who I haven’t seen in 10 years really don’t care where I am next Friday after dinner.