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I am pretty – I am pretty iconoclastic and cynical, but somehow I don’t seem to mind Google that much, although it is a behemoth growing at the speed of light. In fact, I use MANY of their web apps, which I find to be very handy, and because they’re not as “pretty” as physical apps, tend to be a lot faster.

They are young – both the company and the people working there – they are rich, they have fun, and they are powerful. They are as powerful and as gigantanormous (beat that!) as Microsoft, but not at all scary. In fact, I would even say friendly, sort of like a squirrel, who comes to you and takes a peanut off your hands. And then sometimes, without you knowing, nips a little bit of your finger but you don’t notice it. Then a little more, and then a little more, ’til you have no finger left! In fact all large companies are the same, regardless of the facade and the corporate social responsibility hoozah. But, that don’t mean folks all over the dang world don’t like ya – cuz Google’s number one across the pond, ya see?

Yep, Superbrands has listed the top 100 brands in the UK and Google’s number one! After that it loses comprehension. By what count, is Microsoft the second most popular brand? The number of hate mail it gets? I’ll vouch for that. And BP!? What in the name of all that’s good is that giant no-gooder doing on that list? I used to really like Superbrands, now I think they’re just getting paid to feature these brands, which incidentally are listed below:

1: Google
2: Microsoft
3: BP
4: BBC
5: GlaxoSmithKline
6: Rolls-Royce group
7: Financial Times
8: BA
9: Fedex Express
10: Hertz