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A follow-up to Lunar BBDO’s post.

Remember super ads like Sony’s “Balls” and Honda’s “Cog“? The follow up to Balls was tepid at best – which was disappointing – but Honda Civic’s, with an orchestra emulating the roars and squeaks and booms made by the Civic was, I thought, brilliant!

Then came that ad by Orange, of people expanding and continuing the colours of the rainbow (tagline: don’t let good things end, or something like that). I thought this was alright, because I was indifferent to the brand Orange, and I quite like the colour orange. And the fact that the art direction for the ad was quite good.

From then on, advertising creativity just went down the drain. This was demonstrated by the new Ford Focus ad, which seemed to me like a combination (and complete rip-off) of both Honda’s Cog and Civic adverts. And this has just made me even more loathe to buy a Focus – and I used to think that the RS was alright.

But, occasionally, you get something along the same lines, which, because of one reason or the other, you quite like. This time around, it could have been the brand. Most of my friends know that I am an assman, I mean Audi guy, and the new range has not changed my mind. And the ad, which does have some resemblance to the ads mentioned above. But I suspect that because it’s Audi, I am not complaining about it. Not dissing you, Lunar!

What do you think?

A word to creatives out there: when you want to pay homage and the characteristics of your brand allows it, do a complete spoof. Otherwise, lay off. One of my favourite spoofs come from my one of my favourite brands: 118118. And it’s a spoof – a very good one – of one of my favourite ads of all time. Well done, Fallon (or was it W+K?) and WCRS!

Remember when I posted the ad for Orange and I called it a copy of the Sony Bravia Balls ad? Well, this time around, it’s even more frustrating. Even less creative neurons have died.At least Sony and Orange are two completely different industries.

This time, Ford has just done my head in. I’ve never found their ads to be memorable and at best, they caught my attention for a split second before I continued staring at that long-legged blonde crossing the street while I’m sitting in my car waiting for the lights to turn green.

Now this is where it all blows up in the face of advertising – a car manufacturer, (deep breath) copying another car manufacturer’s ad. Just when you think it couldn’t get any dumber, they copied an award-winning, super memorable ad!

Then there’s the tagline: Beautifully Arranged. Compared to what? The living of a chav who just got married? Gimme a break, the only way you can beautifully arrange that car is by putting it next to the bin!

Anyhow, here’s the ad: