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The definitive list of the best and grossest candy in the world – some of which I’ve had the pleasure of putting in my mouth, and some I’ve just come across on the ‘net. If you’ve come across any unusual ones that are not mentioned here, let us know!

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I know some people really hate polls and think they are really childish. But I quite like them as a source of interaction. Sometimes you can get really useful information too! Then I realised that here on W-rdpress, you don’t get to do polls. So what am I going to do? Well, I thought about it. I will post a question, and you will answer, via comment. I will then set a closing date and on the date I will manually count the frequency of answers and post them. I know, I know, it’s more work, but we can have a conversation going on. And also don’t forget the work is for me! It’ll be fun! So for my first poll:

How many entries should I have on the front page? (Currently 3)

A. 1         B. 2         C. 3         D. 5         E. 10

Closing date: Monday 11th February 2008