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I managed to quickly snap a pic of this milk van this morning when in traffic. Remember when milk vans used to be square, white vans? And then the milk bicycles before that? It’s nice to see how things have move on. I just can’t help what they’ll look like in 2130. Or the ice-cream trucks – what’ll they look like?! I’m sure they’ll still be here, you’ll always got to have ice-cream! You’re what?! Lactose intolerant? Damn, I’m sorry….


What are the milk vans like where you are?

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With technology we can use and spell (thank god for TLAs – Three letter acronyms) and nanotech,the only faces that we’re likely to see in future retail establishments are machine interfaces. We won’t need shopping lists and the Wal-Marts and Tescos can be as big as A city itself and we’re still going to be able to navigate the place and find what we’re looking for. The environment will be sterile and a playground for your senses with extra helpings of inner aurial and enhanced touch, even sixth sense, artificially induced. Retail heaven or sci-fi hell? The only difference is we won’t all be wearing white. Or will we? Continue Reading »

A rip-off of the Sony Bravia Balls ad.