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…actually Japanese.

  1. Honda Civic GX
  2. Toyota Prius
  3. Honda Civic Hybrid
  4. Smart ForTwo
  5. Toyota Yaris
  6. Nissan Altima Hybrid
  7. Toyota Corolla
  8. Mini Cooper / Clubman
  9. Ford Focus
  10. Toyota Camry Hybrid
  11. Honda Civic
  12. Honda Fit

And the Mini got lost, the Smart was tucked in someone’s pocket and was left at JFK, and the Ford is just a damn copycat, showing up and doing what everyone else does (yep, it ain’t getting off the hook so easily)

You will without a doubt have noticed that the top green car is not a Prius (which is the only green car I can think of). Actually I really can’t call them cars. First of all, if it can’t go above 60mph (100kph) it’s not a car. And I’ve got proof, look at the picture of the Civic GX2 below; THAT is not a car. It’s something from outer space.


Which is what all “green” cars look like. Why can’t they make it prettier? Lexus did a damn fine job.

Thanks to Wired