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By now readers of TWOM must be thinking I’m obsessed with bookshelves, an obscure obsession. We’ve shown you the bookcase bed:


the staircase library:


and the slanting legoesque shelf:


And now, here’s a really surreal shelf to go with your Dalis and Hirsts:

Introducing the Invisible bookshelf. Nifty way to make your books magically floats on air.

The downside? I seriously doubt their ability to hold up even 5 large format hardback photobooks or D&AD annuals.

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Lookee what I came across! Great idea for a start-up designers’ studio (or photographer etc).2220274594_467fa7d4ae.jpg

And this is how he’d done it:


If you thought that was amazing, check out his whole flat transformation, from an old, run-down flat, to a sexy minimalist, modern interior. Respect!

Thanks, boing boing and akame