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bookstairs.jpgDespite the fact that I am on my laptop almost 24/7, I still love books. As a child I had sets and sets of encyclopedias, most of them from Disney, but still – knowledge is knowledge. They used to be stacked neatly from A-Z on 3- or 4- level shelves. From there, my obsession with arranging things started. Even now, I categorise my books (or stack upon stack of paper) and they’re usually alphabetical in order. But the most annoying thing is living within London area, you don’t have that much space. Indeed, living in Tokyo, I have less space there. Thus with the lack of space, sometimes you have nowhere to “display” your books and you’re forced to keep some and you never know which ones to keep and which ones to display. And the shelves take up so much space and bla bla bla. But one guy figured the best of solving this, and I love it. It’s so simple and yet so easily overlooked. And it’s the best use of space I’ve seen so far.

There so now I’ve let out another secret obsession of mine. My birthday’s next week by the way ;)

Thanks for the pic, boing boing.

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One day, when I’m wealthy enough, I would have a fairly large house in an ultra-large piece of land. It’s going to have a glass tower on a cliff, overlooking the city, a river flowing around and through the main building, a cinema, you know what I mean, all the boys toys that money can buy. And when I do, I’m not going to drive around in my Ferraris or Bugattis, I’m going to use a Peel P50 and Trident. Why? Because I can!

Actually I think it’s to solve my egoistical tendencies that I want to feel like a giant and everyone has to bow to me. Oh, while I’m at it, I might also build a mini-world, you know, like Legoland? And I would crush it. I’ve already done it once before. Look:

Sharing is good
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Don’t you hate hypocrisy? I do. What’s more is large companies’ hypocrisy. When they have buttloads of money because they keep raising prices just because they know you have to pay. Companies like power companies and rail companies.


For those who live in the UK will know this, especially those who live in London and the Southwest. They keep increasing their prices and giving us dumbass reasons which that expect us to be gullible and take, all the while their service goes form poor to utter crap! The two most ridiculous reasons for delay that I’ve heard are:

1. Severe weather – the slap in the face was that it was only starting to drizzle, and they call that SEVERE weather? This is bloody England, you’ve had rain pissing down on you since the bloody beginning of time, you should have bloody known make trains and tracks that can bloody run when its bloody drizzling.

2. Leaves on the track. Honestly, I heard this announcement: “Ladies and gentlemen, we are sorry to announce that the (time) train to London Waterloo has been delayed due to leaves on the track.” Well, really? Did the leaf hurt you, you big ol’ train? Did it scratch my poor steel body? Get bent!

I bet you another price hike is coming because of TomTom’s. Apparently , they’re blaming satnavs for giving “wrong directions” and leading them to destroy bridges and tracks, costing them £15m. This despite the fact that their profits were something like a two billion last year.

This is what they had to say:

“Bridge strikes are very disruptive because each time we have to send a structural engineer out to check the structure and repair any damage caused”

I say:

“Your god damn delays are disruptive, the pay strikes when you don’t treat your staff right are disruptive. YOU are disruptive.

These days I’d rather endure the traffic jams in the city than give my money to these people who provide poor service anyway.

Anyway, if you’re feeling as hot (not the sexy kind) as I am now, then check this video out, it’ll all be alright.

By the way, how was your Christmas? Here are some pictures of how foggy London was. Couldn’t drive more than 25/30 coz we couldnt see beyond 5ft! It was madness.