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I think males already do spend more time in front of the mirror and more money on cosmetics than women nowadays. But thanks to this mirror, I shall outdo my partner, with great ease, in the spending-time-in-front-mirror event.


Do you even remember Atari?

Mario retrocool

Mario table

Thanks to Gearfuse

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Apparently in Europe the PS3 will take over the XBox 360 this summer and in France and Spain, it already has. But nothing compares when we’re told that Wii whoops both their bums, by outselling
the PS3 4 to 1! This ration was 3 to 1 in January and Xbox only managed to sell less than 15,000 whilst Japanese sales of Wii surpassed the 350k mark. The question that I’m asking here is that whether or not the Wii should be thought of as a competitor for the PS3 and the XB360? Continue Reading »

Previously I posted a spoof of the MacBook Air ad.

Now I’m going to share with you another spoof of the ad.

It’s silly little things like that that brighten up my day.