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I’ve always wanted to write something. I have a fantastic imagination, and I thought I was able to write books. The downside to this is that writing is an art AND a skill, and that requires discipline. I have none of those I’ve just mentioned. But I like to write. I can go and writing and writing. And I do have a very particular way of writing. I also have a knack for being anal about typos and grammatical errors in others’ works (funnily enough I find typos even on my blog). I even wanted to be an advertising copywriter! Needless to say none of that materialised. Then again, I also wanted to be a Transformer.

What I have written well, though, are poems. I once won a cash prize for being among the top 50 finalists in a worldwide poetry competition, believe it or not. Something else on someone else’s blog reminded me of this and I got quite a lot of commendation for my poems. Arguably, they’re not “good” e.g. Poe’s standard, but they were written during very dark times in my life. Times I do not want to relive and time that are seemingly gone. Seemingly because I don’t seem to get the inspiration to write such poems anymore and seemingly because I have won anything for writing.

Since I am at a relatively more stable stage in my life now, I can safely dig them out and not worry about reminding myself of how upsetting things were. And I can share them with you. Over the next few weeks, I shall be randomly posting them here. So watch out for them!